DEAN harassed by screaming fans while accepting his Gaon Award, BewhY has the answer

BTS/Big Bang and MAMAMOO/Fifth Harmony (as well as whatever awards fighting fandoms did) wasn’t the only drama we got from the recent Gaon Chart Music Awards, as DEAN was also harassed off stage by unruly fans while he accepted his award.

Basically during his speech a bunch of fangirls started screaming at him to “fuck off” and “end the speech faster” and “get the fuck out” and things of that nature.

He was giving out his speech and people from the audience went
“You!!!!! I’m telling you to go faster!!!! GTFO!!!!!! Get done with this already~~or I’ll kill you!!”

Speculation is that his speech came to an abrupt end because of all the fans yelling.

Then again, I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since this was the same crowd that was mute during all the girl groups performances and acceptance speeches.


Should’ve just pulled a BewhY.


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