KANA-BOON’s Meshida Yuuma admits to affair with actress/cultist Shimizu Fumika

Shimizu Fumika, the actress who retired from the industry to devote herself to the Happy Science cult, is involved in further controversy now as the bassist of KANA-BOON, Meshida Yuuma, has admitted to cheating on his wife with the actress in the past.

In a recently released book by Shimizu, she talked about a former lover, “I also forgot that the person I love has been the source of this trouble.” Well turns out that was Meshida, and he admitted as much through an apology.


I, Yuuma Meshida, KANA-BOON’s bassist, has concealed my marriage and had a relationship with Fumika Shimizu.

In April 2014, I, along with my current wife who is an ordinary person, have registered our marriage. However, I have concealed our marriage and started dating Shimizu since June 2015. In September 2015, I have revealed to Shimizu that I am a married man and apologized, but I couldn’t stop my feelings towards Shimizu and we continued our relationship until January 2016 while I was implying to my wife about the plans of divorce.

It is a fact that I have hurt both Shimizu and my wife, and I am deeply reflecting about the things I have done.

In addition, my wife and I have solved this issue regarding Shimizu and I have sincerely apologized to her as well to her parents.

I would like to apologize to Shimizu and to everyone who has been affected of this illicit relationship and my behavior.

To all my fans who continue to cheer for me, I am terribly sorry for the chaos I have caused.


This one seems to primarily be on the dude even though she continued the relationship with him after knowing his was married, but still, it seems like there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Shimizu Fumika.


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