Boys24’s Sungho also booted from group after past bullying/sexual harassment exposed

Once again Boys24 have done what they do best so far, which is boot members from the group. This time it’s Sungho, who will withdraw after allegations of bullying and sexual harassment and being a general dickhead.

In the original post, Sungho is accused of constantly bullying a female classmate. They allege that during one argument, Sungho became so angry he berated her and flipped a table. He was held back by other students until he insisted he would be calm but immediately choked the female student when released. He is also being accused of making rude comments about female students physical appearances. He would tell them to shoot pornographic videos and then say they wouldn’t be good because they’re too ugly. The user then goes further and accuses Sungho of grabbing female students stomachs and asking if they were pregnant. He’s being accused of sexual harassment and assault, grabbing the bra straps of students and snapping them back at the girls. Sungho is also being accused of burning school documents to destroy evidence of him missing class. The burned documents were allegedly found in his friends’ locker, who was sent to do volunteer work as punishment for the crime.

Ah, the true iljin super thugs.

Of course, the problem with allegations like these is that they’re hard to prove and anybody can make shit up and then post a yearbook picture.

The online user who released these allegations claims there is little to no evidence because of how long ago these acts were committed. The user claims that smartphones were not as common as they are now, so they were only able to provide yearbook photos and the above summary as their evidence.

Thing is, there’s no need for evidence if they’re gonna cop to it anyway. CJ E&M released a statement on his withdrawal…

“There has been serious controversy and discussion regarding surrounding the inappropriate behavior of Sungho the past few days on various online discussion boards. These posts shocked and frustrated many fans who have been loving and supportive of the BOYS24 group. Sungho is deeply apologetic and in heavy reflection over his past actions. Due to this controversy, Sungho has decided to voluntarily leave the sub-unit group. Additionally, due to some unfounded rumors and accusations about the BOYS24 members, they have suffered along with their relatives and close ones. Any further false accusations will result in lawful action in our part.”

…and Sungho did as well.

“I apologize for disappointing my fans and causing trouble. I will do my best to show a better self in BOYS24 even though I am leaving the first promotional sub-unit group. Thank you for loving BOYS24 and I hope you support the sub-unit group. I deeply apologize for everything. Thank you for everything.”

I dunno man, Sungho probably should’ve just gone a different route.

Anyway, seriously, is all this mess some kind of elaborate mediaplay plan? Cause it’s the only times I ever hear about the group.


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