Jang Moonbok has arrived, and you better help me get him in the ‘Produce 101’ group

Jang Moonbok AKA Hip-Hop President AKA Fuckboy You Ready Guy AKA Orochimaru Oppar AKA Brohye is officially on ‘Broduce 101,’ and I swear to fucking god, you assholes better vote for him and help me get him into that damn group.

How legendary is he? Mnet uploaded a differently edited version of yesterday’s performance with more Jang Moonbok.


Do you want to know what it’s like to stan an eternal legend with a sense of humor about himself?


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Even his Instagram handle shows he’s in on it all.

No surprise from a guy who took this…

…and turned it into a positive.

Hell, don’t take my word for it, Bumdidlyumptious‏ knows what’s up.

Have you ever wanted to do something legendary, but you didn’t know how? Well, this is your damn chance.

Vote Jang Moonbok and make K-pop great again.


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