GOT7’s “Never Ever” has its moments, but is let down by uneven execution

After TWICE‘s Mina‘s picture with BamBam was leaked for mediaplay the coincidental timing of Mina and BamBam’s picture together coming out on GOT7‘s comeback date, there was still the actual single to talk about in “Never Ever“.

“Never Ever” basically seeks to see how many times the beat can change in one song, and while I suspect many will hate that aspect of the track, I actually felt like it came together rather well in the end. “Never Ever” starts off with a lot of sonic similarities with what KARD has been using to great success, and though the pre-chorus build isn’t necessarily cashed in, the off-kilter drop that does come is easy to bop along with. It especially meshes nicely together on repeat listens, eventually becoming less jarring.

My main problem then is in the execution. It’s hard to tell whether it’s their performance or the production or both, but the rapping all sounds worse than usual (and I didn’t like it much to begin with), with Jackson in particular now rapping like he has strep throat or is dying. Vocally, they aren’t offensively bad for the most part, but they do seem to be instructed to sing in a sharp manner that can be off-putting at times. It frequently seems to involve a lot of shouting and straining, seemingly like their voice is about to crack.

Also, who can forget, “BRRRRRRRRRAAAAAHHHHH~!

Still the instrumental managed to carry “Never Ever”, at least until the last minute or so, where it truly just becomes a collection of sounds to me. There’s such a palpable effort to do something that becomes more and more desperate towards the end, and it transforms into something borderline grating, which sort of kills the replay value for me. So while “Never Ever” had a lot of potential when you look at sections of the instrumental, when pieced together as a whole it ends up missing a lot more than it hits.


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