Boram & Soyeon of T-ara will not be renewing contract, MBKE actually wasn’t trolling

So it doesn’t seem like MBK Entertainment was trolling after all, as they confirmed that Boram and Soyeon will not be re-upping their contracts and T-ara‘s upcoming album will be their last as a whole group.

On March 23, T-ara’s agency, MBK Entertainment, revealed that members Boram and Soyeon will not be renewing their contracts, saying, “As reported, T-ara’s Boram and Soyeon’s contracts will end on May 15.” They also said, “Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon have decided to renew their contract until the end of December, and will be focusing on solo activities, dramas, and other personal schedules as well as overseas activities.” They added, “The T-ara members will release their last album together as a whole group in May.”

MBKE’s reaction to Hwayoung being exposed kinda makes a lot more sense (as does the rushed group return) when one considers that it seems like Boram and Soyeon were done with the idol life for a while already until this shit happened.

While it’s sad, this is also kind of a movie-esque ending.

Five years of everybody wanting them to disband but them continuing on, but now that those people are cool with them continuing as a group, they’re done with this shit and going out after the truth has set them free.

It’s fitting at least.


Note: KPOPALYPSE was wrong and is a stupid cunt.


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