Brother of Pristin’s Kyla gonna show her the AJ article about the “break apartments” stan

So the brother of Pristin‘s Kyla is on Twitter, and he’s been interacting with fans recently after his sister’s debut with “Wee Woo.”

That’s cool and he seems like a supportive brother.

The reason I’m writing, though, is a Pristin stan decided to ask if he had seen the story about the Korean stan that wanted to “break all apartment” for Eunwoo.

A bit weird, but that’s still totally fine cause nothing will happen and it’ll be ignored anywa … oh no.

I tried to delete the Internet to prevent them from potentially being exposed to this site and all of you animals, but I regret to inform you that I was unsuccessful.

Um, Kyla if you’re reading this, please complete the summoning and end this world. Thanks.


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