‘Produce 101’ down to 98 after Kim Si Hyun & Nam Yoon Sung withdraw

Following Hang Jong Yeon‘s departure thanks to the bullying controversy, ‘Produce 101‘ has gone down two more contestants and they now total 98.

Kim Si Hyun, a trainee from Choon Entertainment, decided to leave due to health concerns.

On March 23, a source from Choon Entertainment stated, “Trainee Kim Si Hyun decided to leave ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ due to health concerns. We have finalized discussions with the production staff of the show.”

Given recent revelations, maybe not the worst idea if he isn’t gonna rank high.

Following him out the door is I.ONE Entertainment‘s Nam Yoon Sung, citing similar reasons.

I.ONE Entertainment, stated, “Nam Yoon Sung will be leaving ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ due to health concerns that arose at his last health checkup.”

It’s impressive how much of a mess this is looking like well before an episode even airs.


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