MBA drop diss song against US customs over Don Malik visa row, cite Asian Junkie

I’m not sure how to even begin this. Um, so you know that Don Malik visa issue where he got his SXSW 2017 performance cancelled and alleged he and his crew were called “chinks” and mocked as monkeys? Yeah, well MBA (Most Badass Asian) were a part of that crew, and they just released a diss song called “Racism” against United States Customs And Border Protection in San Francisco.


I’m gonna give everything else a pass because in the statement released by Stoneship Entertainment, they cite Asian Junkie‘s coverage ahead of Naver.



Dear Viewers,

This is Stoneship International, LLC based in New York. Last March 17th two of our teams, MBA (Most Badass Asian) and Don Malik, were invited to showcase for free at SXSW 2017 in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately our artists were denied entry into the United States by San Francisco CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) for their visas despite official SXSW visa waivers and contracts. Our artists were wrongfully arrested and detained, including the rest of the crew that passed through immigration minutes before. They entered secondary holding and for the next 24 hours our people were subjected to racism (racial slurs), scoffing (comments about diss tracks towards them, ordered artists to perform on queue) and limitations to basic human needs. As our office in New York and SXSW Legal tried to get in contact with our members and the SFO CBP office, all contact was blocked and the office even denied the detainment of the following people: Chanwoo Seok (30), ‘MINJE’ Jo (30), Jooho ‘Jflo’ Lee (28), Dasom ‘SOMA’ Lee (25), Chanjoe ‘NEAL’ Heo of MBA (25), Hyeokjae ‘BOLA’ Jang of MBA (24), Inseop ‘Don Malik’ Moon (21), Jaewon ‘OLNL’ Lee (21), Sanghwan ‘Hanscur’ Lee (19). As soon as our crew made it back home there was a press release on the incident through DAZE ALIVE CEO Jerry.K in Korea and various entertainment news websites such as [The Site That Shall Not Be Named], Asian Junkie, Naver and more covered the incident. The event has grabbed people’s attention and we hope to raise more awareness around the world through our ‘Campaign Against Racism’.

The campaign begins with MBA and Don Malik preparing to tell their experience at SFO. MBA will drop their new video ‘Racism’ on March 26, 2017 with the release of this letter. Don Malik’s video ‘Yellow’ is set to launch the following Wednesday or Thursday. Our other artists who endured that day will be telling their stories through their craft shortly after. As Stoneship International, LLC in New York works to take legal action against those that have committed fault towards us. We ask and hope that our viewers will help in raising awareness of our artists and their message so that no individual will be forced to endure racism again in the future.


All joking aside, that actually sounds like quite a terrible experience, but I’m surprised by the legal action and it should be interesting to see how that all shakes out. Good luck to them.


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