BTS got death threats in America again (Jimin), which is still a thing people are doing

BTS has been on their world tour for the past month and have been in America for the past week or two, and with that has come cringe-worthy and embarrassing moments thanks to the likes of interviewers calling them the One Direction of Korea (cause their music is so similar) to even the hilarious mishap of calling Rap Monster as ‘Rat Monster’ multiple times. However, what really takes the cake is that¬†some insane person has been sending Jimin death threats, stating that when they perform in Los Angeles, they’re going to shoot him (along with dead animal pictures).

Um, the fuck?

It seems BTS just can’t catch a break in America. Last year at their New York performance, they ended a concert early because some psycho made a death threat against Rap Monster. And here we are again with the same shit happening.

K-pop idols receiving death threats is nothing new, as people always take K-pop too seriously, but seriously why does this shit still happen? Best-case scenario, your “trolling” is gonna get you arrested in real life. Worst-case scenario, you follow through on your delusions and never get leave jail again. And to what end? K-pop shit? Really?

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