Model Lee Hee Eun unleashed an epic rant against netizens shaming her for lingerie pics

Model Lee Hee Eun posted pictures on Instagram a couple weeks ago, and she got hate for it, so she deleted them. However, about further consideration, she decided she no longer gives a fuck and just let loose.

The photographer of her pics was the infamous Rotta, so one might think the hate is connected to that (stupid anyway since she has nothing to do with it), but I have my doubts that calling her a whore for modelling lingerie has much to do with him. Sounds to me like it’s about straight-up slut-shaming her — also somehow blaming her for sexual assaults committed against women — and she wasn’t having any of that shit.


I’m going to make 2 things clear.

1. I do individual shoots (with Rotta or anyone else) because I. Want. To. I wanted to work with a photographer who could portray his emotions, as well as save the moments of my prime. I’ve heard that I look cheap, easy, or like a prostitute. But I don’t care. I guess that’s how you feel. You’re free to feel whatever you want, and do you really think I didn’t expect such a reaction when I’m uploading such exposing photos? If someone uploads a photo of delicious food and I comment ‘that looks delicious, I’m hungry, I’m salivating’, who’s going to ask me why I think that way? Of course you’d think that way, so who am I to say anything? In the same way, I’ve uploaded photos of me wearing clothes that I like, so who am I to say anything.


Stop with the bullshit on how these photos make women victims, or how these photos turn men into sex offenders. These are words that make me laugh out of shock and give me a headache so I’m looking for aspirin. Isn’t it the sex offender’s fault if they’re a sex offender, and not mine? Who the hell’s arguing with such an outdated logic, claiming mini-skirts encourage rape? -.- Do guys look at my photo and think ‘oh yeah I’m going to go out to rape and molest women’? And if that does happen, is my photo at fault? It’s that man’s messed up head that’s at fault.

2. We call it ‘event lingerie’ but it’s not for men’s pleasure. Why would we make lingerie just for men’s enjoyment? Don’t undermine women’s worth. Don’t make women look like lowly beings purely for seducing men??? If I seduce a guy will a lightning bolt hit me? Are you from the Chosun dynasty? Why is lingerie only to please men? I can wear it for my own satisfaction, or as an event for my partner, why limit its use? And so what if I want to wear it to please men? Are women only to be submissive and follow a man’s lead? If you think it’s weird for me to wear event lingerie to seduce my partner (whether it’s a man or a girl), just don’t buy it. Don’t come here. Then it’ll be convenient. Why come here and complain about lowering the worth of women or wearing something purely for men? Or how I’m portraying women as tools for men and blah blah?

The ways you tick me off.

What do I have to say to someone who talks as if men are women’s enemies. People. Please go out and meet some men. Stop talking shit on Instagram while sitting in your room. Go out and meet people.

I won’t say anything about this anymore. And I deleted all the photos because the comments really pissed me off but I’m not going to delete those comments anymore and I’m not going to delete photos with those comments either. From now on, I’m going to do whatever I want so if you don’t like it don’t come here, don’t look at it, don’t buy it, piss off. I’m going to post 10,000 shots with Rotta so keep commenting.


Holy shit, dude.

So yeah, as you can see, she went the fuck off and provided as thorough of a rebuttal against netizen bullshit as you’re probably gonna see out of Korean entertainment.


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