Sneak peek of Dreamcatcher’s upcoming single “Good Night” has me stoked

Dreamcatcher‘s next comeback is obviously already highly anticipated here, both by myself and others. As we patiently wait it out for the official release, we’ve been given your standard K-pop teaser images and music video trailer for “Good Night.”

Everything alludes to Dreamcatcher continuing on with not just the concept people loved from their debut, but the continuation of the story from their first music video, adding to the excitement.

I thought I couldn’t get anymore excited than I already was for “Good Night.” And, that was true until I saw this promo cut for the new single that gave away much more than anything else had thus far.

If you’re telling me that opening choreography doesn’t look cool as hell, you’re bitter and jaded and full of so much shit.

Smells like another home run. Please let the chorus be epic!

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