Netizens witch-hunt AKMU’s Chanhyuk for supposedly disrespecting his sister Suhyun

Chanhyuk of Akdong Musician recently posted (and deleted) a picture of himself and sister Suhyun with Red Velvet. As you can see, in the caption, he used a rose to designate every Red Velvet member, but gave his sister a wilted one.

Netizens on Twitter got pressed as fuck by this, apparently.

“So gross”

“He compared Red Velvet to flowers and his sister to a rotten flower ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Chanhyuk is the worst.”

I honestly figured it was just one of those netizen things on Pann that get like 100 upvotes and that’s it, so nobody actually cares. But, uh, each of those tweets have over 2000 retweets, which certainly is something.

I … I don’t get it.

It’s hard to figure why something dumb like this would blow up to begin with, considering this seems like harmless ribbing at worst. It gets even dumber considering they’re siblings, and even dumber further considering they seem to shade each other pretty frequently for laughs.

Like what the fuck is developing a strong relationship with your sibling good for if you can’t give them shit from time to time, dammit?

Hopefully nothing actually comes of this.


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