Drunk driver Hwang Hyun Hee mad at Sam Hammington for calling racist skit ‘pathetic’

Comedian Hwang Hyun Hee, who is best known to me as a drunk driver who ran a red light and rammed into a taxi, recently called out Sam Hammington. Why? Because Hammington blasted the racist ‘People Looking For Laughter‘ skit, that SBS apologized for (sorta), so Hwang defended it using probably the dumbest logic possible.

It started with Hammington making a Facebook post about the skit.

In this ‘People Looking for Laughter’ Hong Hyun Hee dressed up in blackface.. Really pathetic!
How long will [you] keep doing this unspeakable thing?
Is it funny to mock a race?
I am ashamed to have been a gag show comedian!

Okay, typical reaction to seeing that shit.

But this triggered Hwang, who couldn’t stand it and took to Facebook to post … this shit.

“Sam hyung… I was thinking of privately messaging you, but your verbiage was wrong so I’m going to post this publicly…
Your hasty generalization of a simple costume promoting the derogation of Africans can also be interpreted like this: the characters Younggoo and Maenggoo (characters from children’s comedy show with lower-than-average IQ) can be interpreted as offensive to autistic children, and a long time ago, there was a comedy skit called 시커먼스 (rough translation: Blackies) that received a lot of love for a long time. Would that also be considered derogatory to Africans? If that were the case, then your show ‘The Return of Superman’ can be interpreted as a program that gives financially struggling parents a sense of comparative deprivation, because they can’t provide their children with the things shown in the program, such as visiting nice places and eating delicious foods.. But that’s not the show’s intention, and nor is it yours. I don’t think “pathetic” is the right way to describe it.”

So much to unpack here.

1) I mean, dressing up as another race (or races, really) as a costume is shitty anyway. However, it was not just the visual that was the problem, the intent was there to mock and that makes it basically the worst.

2) Would that also be considered derogatory? Uh … probably? Is this dude trying to counter Sam Hammington or is he actually trying to expose more bullshit? A true hero.

3) Dude just compared dads taking care of their kids on ‘The Return Of Superman‘ to dressing up in blackface with a Native American headdress and making a mockery of both in a comedy skit. In my mind, I would like to believe this is him doing satire because nobody can be this dumb, right?

Remarkable stupidity, honestly.

Well whatever, as long as posting Facebook rants keeps him off the roads, it’s a win for society in the end.


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