Hate Me Now: I don’t care enough for the drunk driving racist, so I am like ISIS

Hey remember the article about Hwang Hyun Hee, the drunk driving racist comedian who loves to cape for racist shit? Yeah, well somebody on the Facebook page of a friend-of-the-site was none too pleased that I mentioned that he ran a red light and smashed into a taxi while drunk. How mad were they about this? Mad enough to defend comparing me to ISIS.

Why doesn’t the blog give the other side to the drunk driving racist comedian? Where is the compassion?

So the facts are right, but actually … what about ISIS and white supremacists?

This is a level of paranoia that makes me wonder what this dude did that he’s so scared of what people might write about him if he gets famous.

Was it so silly to compare [Asian Junkie] to ISIS?

Folks, it’s a slippery slope from tolerating a factual title and article about a drunk driving racist comedian to tolerating ISIS propaganda and shit.

Or something.

Either way, imagine being this person and being extremely mad online over somebody calling the racist drunk driving dude a racist drunk driving dude.


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