Sorn’s ‘Produsorn’ starts with surprisingly honest talk about trainee & idol struggles

Sorn of CLC is an idol I gradually grew to appreciate, starting with her candid thoughts on CLC’s one-year anniversary. Generally speaking, I’ve found her to be a smart and positive person, but also somebody with a sense of self-awareness and pragmatism. All of that is on display in her ‘Produsorn‘ YouTube series that recently debuted.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, skip around a bit to find the sections you’re interested in because she actually organized it quite well with slides and talks about things in bullet points that, uh, surprisingly addresses a lot of the things we talk about at Asian Junkie in terms of the reality of the entertainment industry and the struggles that trainees and idols go through.

It’s not that ‘Produsorn’ is negative though, as Sorn’s actually quite positive throughout, giving encouragement and advice to her viewers. However, she was just shockingly honest, and when one gets honest about how the entertainment industry has affected them, it’s generally not going to be all roses.

“The world is not a pretty place.” – Sorn, 2017

Hell, she even goes in on Cube Entertainment a bit, talking about how when CLC doesn’t get the reaction they need, the company blames them, which is something Melanie Lee of ChoColat just got done explaining. Sorn spins it a different way by putting the onus on her and her group, which is smart for both survival and development purposes, but man that’s a rough outlook when the company has so much to do with their success or failure.

Anyway, this is probably among the most honest series you’ll get from an active idol. Like I could see a Kpopalypse interview with her after everything’s said and done, and it would probably be amazing. Here’s hoping.

“Steal a bunch of pictures from the Internet and crash it in a PPT.” – Sorn, 2017


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