Visual king Jang Moonbok won’t sue his antis because he wants to make them fans

Jang Moon Bok‘s past involved having to deal with antis, but appearing on ‘Broduce 101‘ has seen him deal with similarly terrible people as well. And while many of us are angry that a seemingly genuinely nice dude has to deal with this shit, he takes a different approach.

On April 26, his agency ONO Entertainment stated, “We’re currently not planning on taking any legal action against malicious commenters, but we’re still keeping track of all the hateful comments they’ve been making towards Jang Moon Bok.” They further added, “Jang Moon Bok himself does not want to file a lawsuit against malicious commenters. Because he grew up reading lots of malicious comments, he knows what it feels like to go through pain and he doesn’t want to inflict any pain on other people. He believes there’s a possibility that his haters may eventually become his fans. He went through a tremendous amount of mockery ever since he was young, so he seems to have gotten used to all the malicious comments now.” The agency then declared that they will take legal action against Jang Moon Bok’s haters if he ever wishes to do so.

Ever the saint, Jang Moonbok only wishes to convert his antis into fans. It makes sense, really, because it’s only a matter of time before you fall for his charms.

Speaking of people falling for his charms, he’s added the legendary Boohwal to his harem.


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