KARD’s tour manager clarifies n-word controversy, denies with audio receipts

So recently KARD members Jiwoo and J.Seph were alleged to have used the n-word in a cover of “Bitch Better Have My Money in a recent concert in Vancouver. I didn’t think it was all that clear personally, but knowing K-pop I felt it was hard to give them the benefit of the doubt as I did hear something with an “a” sound towards the end of it where the n-word would go.

Well KARD’s tour manager, the person who helped setup their AMA on the K-pop sub of Reddit, came through with a clarification and a sound clip.

Hi this is KARD’s tour manager.
It seems like there is a lot of talk about Jiwoo & Jseph’s part for their unit track. I’m their tour manager and I just want to clear up that they did not say the N word but it was actually HITTER/HITTA. Jiwoo sang live over an AR track with her also saying HITTER. It’s so upsetting to read some of the comments online about the members when they didn’t say such things. Please follow the link in my profile to hear the full track and please do share so that the others know that it wasn’t what they thought. They worked so hard for this tour and were so excited so please help clear this up. Thank you always for all the love and support.

As I said earlier, if they clarified, I could definitely believe them since I wasn’t 100% sure or anything. Well, this definitely qualifies because it’s definitely “hitta” in the audio recording, and this is about as concrete a counter as you’re gonna see. As a fan, I’m definitely glad to have my cynicism proven wrong for once — also hope my message asking for clarification actually did something for once.

Hopefully this spreads as quickly as the accusations did, especially given their international fanbase.


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