The KARD mess is finally here, with them supposedly dropping the n-word during cover

Earlier today I posted cams from KARD‘s concert in Vancouver, including a cover of “Bitch Better Have My Money“. Everything seemed normal and fine, but later some people brought up that KARD may have dropped the n-word twice, just like they are in the original lyrics.

I didn’t write about it because I didn’t hear it initially, and others denied it happened even on closer examination, saying they substituted in something else.

Listening to it on full blast on headphones, it’s hard to deny that they said something. I understand where others are coming from in that it’s sorta unclear that they actually said the n-word, but it’s clear something was said where the n-word is supposed to be and that makes it more likely that it was the n-word than not to me. You’d love to give them the benefit of the doubt, but until anything is clarified (if they could even do that), it’s hard to not believe they just dropped the n-word twice because that’s what you expect from K-pop at this point.

I would expect that the denials will be significant (sorta has been already) considering their international fandom, but for now, I would bet on them saying it as part of the cover because that’s just what K-pop generally does. Incredibly stupid? As always. Particularly stupid for KARD considering their fanbase? Absolutely.

Doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying them or whatever, do what you want (and I will as well), but it does mean it’s probably something that happened and they should definitely not leave any doubt going forward. This is, obviously, not a great look for a group that hasn’t even debuted yet.


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