MBKE continue trying to blame their T-ara fail on Soyeon & Boram

MBK Entertainment, continuing their years-long quest of trying to fuck over T-ara for reasons unknown, tried again to get fans to blame Soyeon and Boram for the failed comeback instead of the company.

“Boram and Soyeon have notified us that they will not be attending concerts in Japan and Hong Kong. They are concerts scheduled after their contracts expire but they were scheduled months before all of this and it’s disrespectful that they’re not upkeeping it. They are breaking their promise to their international fans. We’ve supported Boram and Soyeon with T-ara for the past 9 years and it’s upsetting that this is end of it…”

This comes after the initial announcement which tried to make it sound like it was their fault for not doing charity work out of contract or something. Now they’re trying to blame them for not accepting whatever shit terms they were offered, assuming they were ever offered terms.

MBK’s problem is that the fans aren’t going to believe them at this point, especially since Soyeon and Boram have already put out warnings that this kind of fuckery was going to happen. At the time, I thought they were talking about the T-ara disbandment announcement itself, but now we see they were talking about all this shit too.


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