Soyeon & Boram won’t be in T-ara’s comeback cause … MBKE, basically

Like an idiot, I figured somehow they would work it out and Soyeon and Boram would be involved in T-ara‘s upcoming comeback despite the fact that both their contracts expire this month. However, because MBK Entertainment is MBK Entertainment, they basically exiled them early.

MBK has confirmed the news. Soyeon and Boram decided to end activities with MBK when their contract expires. T-ara cannot use the recordings with Soyeon and Boram so the 4 remaining members must re-record. The comeback is no longer on June 1st. The date has yet to be determined.

Worse, they had a great idea for a reality show and now that’s scrapped as well.

According to producers and others involved, T-ara’s reality program which was supposed to be filmed at the end of this month has been cancelled. The program was to feature the 6 members traveling for 3 nights and 4 days in a camping car and reminiscing about the past 9 years.

Well there were hints at trouble between MBKE and Boram and Soyeon, so unless they were gonna do most of this basically out of contract, I guess it makes sense. Still, it sucks for the group, who apparently were planning on one last ride at least.

Hopefully the rumors about them reuniting after all of their contracts expire at least end up true.


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