Netizens/media get right back to making stuff up about Sulli, humiliate themselves

Netizens and media are incredibly predictable, and a day after I said Sulli hate would be ramping up again due to her dating news, lo-and-behold there’s two “controversies” she’s involved in. You’ll never believe this, but both of them are very stupid and are fed to people who are extremely stupid.


One “controversy” is that she supposedly crossed the barrier to take a picture at a “historic Cuban site”. Korean netizens got mad like they were baited to do and international netizens got salty as well, trying to pretend they were the most #WOKE by parroting what trolls in Korea were saying.

The problem with all that mad, besides the fact that she’s actually in Mexico, is that she’s not within the barrier either.

It’s a forced perspective optical illusion (and not a very complicated one either) to make it look like she’s kissing the figure, but in reality she’s standing outside of the barrier in front of the figure. Thus, complaining about this is like acting offended that people take pictures of themselves trying to knock over the Leaning Tower Of Pisa or are using the Washington Monument for sexual acts.



I noticed she deleted this picture~ ㅋ she acts like she doesn’t care but she obviously reads about herself

…she didn’t delete the picture.

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The other thing was Sulli supposedly cheating on Choiza, which I suppose is possible, but seems like a reach.

When translated literally, the caption says, “Is this a lamb’s leg?” However, the term can also be translated to mean “two-timing” as well.

Most reacted thinking Choiza posted this after it came out that Sulli was in another public relationship, and if that were the case, I’d agree it would be fishy. In reality, though, Choiza posted this over a month ago and the “journalist” went back to dig it up and create a predictable shitstorm because … well, it’s Sulli. Choiza supposedly got cheated on but still follows Sulli on Instagram? As well as his crew? And her current boyfriend? Okay. Like I said, seems like a reach.


Sulli generally does whatever, so I’m sure there will be shit she does from time to time that’s actually worth a mess, but that doesn’t change the reality that a great majority of these “scandals” she’s in only serve to remind us what idiots most people are.


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