‘Crime Scene 3’ Episode 1: Presidential candidate murder, new cast thoughts

Sup bitches, it’s ‘Crime Scene 3‘ recap time, with the debut episode being a time to rush to judgment about the new cast and also watch the murder of a presidential candidate unfold.

Unlike past seasons, Bumdidlyumptious oppar is probably salty Hong Jin Ho didn’t get cast, so he’s not subbing it. However, there are still other sites that are, and you can watch the shits there (1/2/3).



Okay, but who is this, though? She cute.

Eunji is honestly distracting looking so hot while playing an old woman. It’s weird, cause Hani is hot as well and I was never like … distracted by it on the show.

Why … why are the corpses so realistic now? Goddamn, their budget went up, huh?

Kim Min Kyu is the new assistant detective, which means he’s auditioning for ‘Crime Scene 4’. Park Jiyoon? She’s a fan.


Yang Se Hyung actually wasn’t as bad as people had been telling me. I agree that, for his role as a comedian on the show, there were too few jokes and he was too serious, but in terms of the actual case, he threw out a lot of shit that was interesting.


Eunji casually mentioning that was previously not a killer, she just “took care” of people and put them to sleep. Speaking of, Eunji did well with the case, like the rest of the cast. The difference is the lack of going beyond that and fucking around with people more, though she did have fun exchanges with Park Jiyoon which hopefully gets better as they get more acquainted.

As far as the actual case goes, somebody needs to explain to me why 53% of the audience at the end thought it was Yang Se Hyung who killed him. From the moment it was revealed that he had a video setup to expose the dude’s past in front of his constituents, it made complete sense that he had no need to kill the guy because that fucked up his revenge plan. For me, it was either Song Jae Rim or Eunji, and his lie about not watching what was on the flash drive was weak, so that had me convinced he had motive and means.

It was surprising then that so many thought differently, even though the cast came to the correct conclusion (aside from the detective’s early snap judgment).


Many have been asking what I thought of the premier and the new cast. To an extent, I agree with the main criticism going around, which is that it lacks the immediate chemistry and getting comfortable with the character so they can make jokes with each other about it. The comfort level that Park Jiyoon, Hong Jin Ho, and Jang Dong Min had is hard to replicate, and it’s not a coincidence that PJY riffed best with Jang Jin in this episode because she knows him from last season. Also, it was rather remarkable in retrospect how quickly Hani meshed with the old cast, and having other people get comfortable with her quickly is probably an underrated variety quality she has. That said, I thought the writing for the case itself was as quality as ever, so as long as the cast gels a bit as we get rolling, it should be fine. ‘Crime Scene 2‘ just set the bar extremely high, honestly.


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