MBKE say Soyeon & Boram cut off communication and stuff, nobody believes them

MBK Entertainment are continuing their assault on T-ara members Soyeon and Boram, this time saying that they are concerned by their actions regarding upcoming concerts.

A source from T-ara’s agency, MBK Entertainment, has stated, “We told Soyeon and Boram what time we would be picking them up in order to go to the airport for the group’s concert in Taiwan and they responded that they would get there on their own.” The source continued, “We checked with the airline and the two members apparently cancelled their tickets themselves. We are concerned, as the two are acting on their own accord, despite the fact that this is all for a concert they have to do with the rest of the group. The other members are worried that the two members might come off as insincere because they haven’t really been practicing for the concert. We also haven’t been able to film videos [meant for the concert] because of Soyeon and Boram.” There have also been questions about what would happen if Soyeon and Boram did not show up to the concert at all, to which the source responded, “If asked for damage compensation [in the case that the two member do not show up], we would have to ask the two members to take responsibility for that.”

They also said they were giving other members the silent treatment.

“[Soyeon and Boram] are also not responding to contact from their fellow members either, which is causing them to worry a lot. It will be a relief if the two members show up to the concert venue but their actions are irresponsible and careless.”

Whenever you start to talk about money and contracts, things can get ugly between even the closest of friends. So I’m not ruling out the possibility that they had problems with the other four or something. It could’ve happened.

All I’m saying is that ever since it was revealed that Soyeon and Boram were not going to renew their contracts and participate in the “last” T-ara album, MBKE have been on a transparent non-stop assault to scapegoat them. Aside from that, it’s hard not to be skeptical of the company with their history and when Soyeon and Boram both basically warned people this was gonna be coming and recently said things like this about T-ara:


How transparent is MBKE being? Even netizens are calling bullshit, which is … huh?

1. [+208, -8] It’s the agency’s fault for continuing to schedule things after the contract expiration ㅋ
2. [+137, -4] How is it that Kwang Soo always uses the same tactics??? He never lets anyone go, he has to play dirty like this ㅋㅋㅋ this is why everyone hates your artists
3. [+110, -3] I can’t trust MBK’s media play… I’d wait and listen to Soyeon and Boram’s side too
4. [+89, -2] Kwang Soo-ssi at it again
5. [+34, -1] Never change, Kwang Soo. He did this with SeeYa, he did it with Davichi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ sigh, hopeless

You know you’ve lost the public’s trust when they believe national iljin bullies T-ara over your media play.


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