UNNIES drop pair of quality tracks in “Right?” & “LaLaLa Song”, probably troll idols

UNNIES the project group formed from ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk‘ released a pair of tracks in “Right?” and “LaLaLa Song“, and while the first season’s tracks were uninteresting to me, the second season’s tracks were quite quality.


An honestly proper A-side and B-side.

Serious question, though: How pissed off do you think actual idols are when they hear this?

Given that so much of the success of idol groups depend on the quality of song they’re given and that both of these songs would be superior to many other girl group debuts or comebacks, I wonder what they think that it was given to a project group?

Personally I like to think of stuff like this and the ‘Infinite Challenge‘ releases dominating the charts as revenge for idol actors and actresses.


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