SISTAR give themselves an appropriate send-off with bittersweet “Lonely”

If you haven’t heard, SISTAR are going their separate ways after this comeback with “Lonely“. And while that’s terrible news for people who love summer jams, thankfully they’re not going out without saying their goodbyes.

Thus far, most goodbye tracks have been slow, emo messes in terms of music. I understand the choice as it’s something mainly for the group’s fans, after all, not something meant to be a chart-topping smash.

With that said, “Lonely” is one of the better (if not the best) farewell efforts we’ve seen. While it’s a mid-tempo, and while it’s melancholy at times, there’s an upbeat nature to parts of it (as well as the music video).

The attitude of ‘celebrate what we did instead of mourn’ comes through in the song, as it builds throughout the verses, starting with guitar strums and culminating with a aurally-pleasing hook that you don’t normally get out of these tracks. I was glad SISTAR managed to punctuate their careers with something that’s still crowd pleasing and catchy, as it should be, honestly.

The music video was an excellent representation of what was being expressed in the music. Everybody has moments of loneliness, but until now it’s been absolved by the other members joining in.

The hallway shot in particular was effective to me, showing the isolation of the group, but within their four they can block that out and have fun in their own world.

So there are moments of sadness and all that, but they purposefully emphasized the moments of fun, with the end result being less about weeping together and acting like life is over because of this, and more about it just being bittersweet since it’s sad but what they did was a great thing.

Appropriate and well done.

It’s weird that they’re leaving now, since even though I did like them before, seeing them express all this has ironically makes me regret I didn’t get into them even more than before.

“With time, everything will be forgotten, and so will you.”

Too bad they’re leaving, as I could definitely fuck with nihilist SISTAR.



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