UEE is done with After School, but Pledis is still holding the group hostage

In moves that aren’t surprises at all, UEE has left zombie idol group After School. With her departure, she posted a handwritten letter to her fan cafe.

In her letter, UEE said, “It seems like it was just yesterday that I debuted through After School but it has already been eight years since then. My fellow members who were high schoolers at the time are now college students and my occupation has changed as well.” She continued, “Over the years, ‘graduating’ [from After School] seemed like a faraway event but somehow it is now my turn.” “I’m thankful to everyone at Pledis and am both thankful and apologetic to my fellow After School members. I will try my best to become a bright and hardworking UEE,” she concluded.

Well, UEE escaped.

Pledis Entertainment, meanwhile, is still saying nothing is coming for After School but that they are still a group.




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