Netizens are right this time, as Sulli’s ‘Real’ co-stars definitely hate her

Everybody knows by now that not only is what Sulli does always news, but that anybody Sulli is associated with is also news, and that it’ll all be spun by Korean netizens as the worst thing in the world even if that turns out to not be true.

So as a wise international netizen, when I heard that Korean netizens were saying that Sulli’s co-stars from ‘Real‘ hated her or like whatever, I did the only rational thing … by immediately believing everything the Korean netizens wrote.

Because look, the same people who say she belongs in a mental hospital (a claim we international netizens detest!!!), are definitely unbiased enough to be relied on to make judgments about her and her co-stars without me seeing context for myself.

They wrote it online after all, and they’re also Korean!

Done deal.


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Thot Leader™