Kim Soo Hyun & Sung Dong Il “hating” Sulli now has I-netz becoming self-parody

Kim Soo Hyun, Sung Dong Il, and Sulli are doing the rounds for their movie, ‘Real‘, and the media and netizens are having a field day with it. The latest thing in the Kim Soo Hyun and Sung Dong Il supposedly hating Sulli tour is an exchange the trio had when asked about their ideal article titles for the movie.

The three cast members were asked what kind of article titles they would like to see about their movie in the headlines.
Kim Soo Hyun: “‘Real’ hits 10 million in the box office”
Sung Dong Il: I want something about hitting 20 million in the box office
and when Sulli revealed hers to be “Fallen in love with Choi Jin Ri”, Kim Soo Hyun and Sung Dong Il threw their panels with their article titles to the side and said, “This is all pointless, too late to fix now” to scold Sulli, causing Sulli to throw her panel aside as well.

The Korean netizen comments were predictable, of course.

1. [+863, -24] She really must’ve acted up on the film set ㅋㅋ
2. [+823, -24] She really got on their bad side
3. [+666, -23] Calm down guys, you’re working with an idiot
4. [+93, -2] Just how badly did she get on their bad side that they don’t care about publicly embarrassing her like this. She’s no longer at an age where acting fussy is cute.
5. [+84, -2] Sulli would be lucky if article titles didn’t talk about the movie flopping because of her

And so on.

International netizens, of course, continued to show their ass, basically becoming self-parody that renders attempts at satire pointless.

The top-voted comment on Netizen Buzz prior to context being shown was this:

Okay but, uh, that’s exactly what it was.

Watch The Video Clip Here

The whole damn thing was set-up for laughs.

Sulli is living rent free in their brains, which is exactly why she’s doing this press tour even though she isn’t even a main character in the movie.


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