‘Idol Drama Operation Team’ thaw the awkwardness, share company horror stories

Well, guess I’m getting sucked into this ‘Idol Drama Operation Team‘ thing, and in the latest episodes they basically work towards thawing the previous awkwardness and then share company horror stories with each other.



In particular, Moonbyul talked about the CCTV monitoring…

…and also how MAMAMOO managed to beat it.

And then there was Kim Sohee, who … uh, didn’t have the best company thanks to her CEO.

Oddly enough, that stuff probably isn’t even the worst part since he was hitting on trainees.

Oh shit, it’s a poor man’s (literally) version of YG.

Apart from that, they all basically share the same struggles of dieting, lack of sleep, and feelings of isolation. They’ve decided to put those feelings into the plot of their drama, which could be interesting at least.


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