TOP admits to smoking weed, gets expelled from military police, must re-enlist

TOP, who has been caught in a marijuana scandal recently, has recently admitted to smoking marijuana. It was alleged that TOP smoked marijuana twice and used it twice in a liquid form, but TOP says he only smoked twice. He’ll be prosecuted without detainment for his crime.

Either way, as a result of this, he has been expelled from the military police, and he’ll have to re-enlist after all this gets settled legally.

The police said, “In the 41st article of military police management laws, there is a law that states a soldier can be expelled if he is not fit to fulfill the duties. We will soon be ordering him to leave the division.” After T.O.P is ordered to leave, he will have to go through investigation and trial. If his trial ends in anything other than imprisonment, he will have to re-enlist. The police said, “You cannot be accepted back into a division you have been expelled from unless there are outstanding circumstances. His enlistment as an army policeman is now over.”

So basically nothing he’s done in the military counts after this and he has to start over.

A lot of drama for weed, but thems the rules, so … oops.


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