UEE & (accused) rapist Park Shi Hoo get casting offers for weekend KBS drama

Last time Park Shi Hoo got cast in a drama, he was upset people hadn’t forgot about that whole rape thing and took legal action against 76 netizens. That seemed quite dumb considering why they were hating on him and the fact that it brought attention back to the case, which could only be shitty for him considering what happened back then.

Bring back more attention to the fact that your client had drinks with a woman, was caught on video with a friend having to carry her back to his place, and then admitted having supposedly somehow consensual sex with her. Could’ve let the sleeping dog lie since he did sorta get away with it because the whole thing was settled (with money (allegedly (but really))), but now people will definitely think to remember the whole deal and how your client said he’d clarify everything and tell the truth over and over but then never said a goddamn thing.

Literally on video.

Anyway, I guess he’s hoping they’ve forgotten by now, as he’s been offered a role in a weekend KBS drama with UEE.

On June 5, UEE’s new agency Yuleum Entertainment stated, “[UEE] received an offer to star in KBS2’s new weekend drama ‘My Golden Life’ (tentative title). It is one of the projects she is looking into.” Park Shi Hoo’s agency also explained that Park Shi Hoo had received a role offer and was in talks with the production team.

Last time it was Yuri who needed to be protected, but this time UEE needs help. God bless. Stay safe out there, UEE.

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