Ga-In’s Instagram leads to police investigation, which Ga-In is not happy about, I guess

Ga-In, who recently took to Instagram to expose being offered weed by the friend of her boyfriend, might be brought in for questioning along with others as the police have started an investigation into it.

The police told Biz Enter, “We have started internal investigations related to Ga In’s posts on her SNS. We have not decided yet on whether to bring Ga In as well as the accused in for investigation, and it is not something we can decide for ourselves. It has to be negotiated.” The police added, “We have nothing to say on the progress or the case’s future. It’s just been started.”

In response, Ga-In posted on Instagram, seemingly frustrated by having to deal with what she started.

“Yes he offered it to me but he’s claiming he never smoked it so that’s his problem. I have a panic disorder, why should I go to the police station? This is tiring.”

But I mean … what did you expect when you posted that shit on social media? This is exactly what the end game was and it’s basically the least surprising thing in the world that the police are looking into this.

Shit gives me a headache.


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