Music Video Lessons: Top Secret tell us drugs are actually very good on “Mind Control”

Top Secret recently dropped the music video for “Mind Control“, but the most interesting thing about it for me is the deep and profound lessons that it teaches us all.

So the boys are students at a fancy academy, where basically everybody sucks and is boring. So to solve that problem, they make drugs in a chemistry class then put it in a perfume bottle and drug everybody so they have fun, basically.

Now spray that shit in everybody’s face!

Hell yes, now everybody’s tits are lit.

Of course, soon they run out since they’ve been drugging everybody so thoroughly, and the people are not happy about being drugged and revert back to their lame state.

So these K-pop versions of Walter White go back to work and come up with a massive batch of their bomb-ass drugs.

Then they put the batch in super soakers and terrorize a school assembly.

Given current events, this is a good lessons for all the kids out there to learn: Drugs are fun and good and be sure to make them in a lab and distribute them to all your friends!


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