Mnet call center employee says ‘Produce 101’ stans making work hell

An employee of Mnet‘s call center wrote a post on Pann recently, basically begging fans of ‘Produce 101‘ contestants to stop making her work life a personal hell.

The employee wrote, “Because of the accumulated stress I can’t even sleep. As it says in the title, I’m an employee of Mnet call center. Of course, I’m an adult since I’m an employee. If you go on the main page of ‘Produce 101’, there’s a call center number 1566-2226. I’m an employee of that call center.”

The employee shared s/he understands that young teens can have a great love for celebrities, however, the number of calls and the degree of questions has become unbearably tiring.

The employee listed the top 5 questions s/he received from the fangirls. The questions are: 1. What rank is this trainee? 2. If there are benefits, why do they not make a notice on the broadcast and process it without letting the fans know? 3. Are the rankings as listed on the spoiler? 4. Why did my trainee get eliminated? 5. Why do you guys edit the show that way? Are you trying to kill this trainee? The answers to these questions are very limited as the employees are not the producers of the show. The employee emphasized, “We are just employees of the call center. We are not the producers of ‘Produce 101’. We cannot give a satisfying answer even if you call us.”

It’s also stated that some fans were incredibly rude on the phone; cursing and letting out anger on the employees.

Somebody suggested last time this happened that I make a tag for these customer service messes, and honestly, we’re getting to that point.

My god, at least give these poor people a break.


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