EXO is making a comeback in July without Lay, water is wet

EXO are set to make a comeback sometime in mid-July, but that’s hardly news. What is news, however, is that they plan on making that comeback without Lay due to a conflict with his promotions in China.

SM Entertainment confirmed later that Lay was unable to participate in the production of the group’s upcoming album due to conflict with his promotion schedule in China. After realizing that confirmed activities in his promotion schedule in China overlapped with EXO’s comeback, Lay decided to not participate in promotions for this comeback after discussing the matter with SM Entertainment. A representative from SM Entertainment stated, “Lay has had these promotions confirmed in his schedule for a long time. It’s regretful but Lay agreed to not participate in this comeback. Lay also feels very regretful about the matter.”

Earlier this year, Lay had missed EXO’s concerts in Malaysia, Singapore, and North America due to Chinese activities.

When is SM Entertainment just going to rip the bandage off already? Honestly, the answer is never cause they want to profit off of the Chinese market, but geez it just seems like at this point he’s a solo artist that will make it for EXO when he can.

Nothing wrong with that, really, but would probably make things less complicated for everybody if they just made it official.


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