NU’EST’s Baekho’s alleged victim clarifies, his alleged friend speaks out, Pledis statement

The story of allegations that NU’EST‘s Baekho molested a girl eight years ago continues to take turns and get messier. After the initial post was put up, it was called out for inconsistencies by Baekho’s fans, and Pledis Entertainment issued a denial. In response, the alleged victim has released a clarification post explaining the inconsistencies.

So basically, the alleged victim cops to inconsistencies in her accounts, explaining that they were due to her mental state. Even years after the alleged molestation occurred, if seeing him led to trauma, that could definitely be an explanation. Fans shouldn’t go around pretending that’s not a possibility, because with trauma victims, it certainly is.

On the other hand, the timeline of when this occurred and the school that Baekho graduated from were key points in the inconsistencies found in the accounts, and the alleged victim admits both of those were changed in the new account. That leaves room for reasonable suspicion when she also admits that the reason she deleted the original account to begin with was due to criticism over a lack of evidence.

She began by revealing that she had posted about this back in May, but at the time, she was criticized for lacking evidence. She had deleted the post, but to prove that she had written it, she posted a screenshot of an email she had sent to Pledis on May 13.

For the most part, though, the alleged victim did provide reasonable explanations for the inconsistencies, even if those explanations themselves could also be reasonably questioned.


With the alleged victim and her friends (who were offering proof of attending school with Baekho) already involved in the accusation against Baekho, things got messier when an acquaintance of Baekho stepped forward and accused the alleged victim of doing all this because she got rejected by him.

Take this account with a mountain of salt due to there not being any evidence I’m aware of that she is who she says she is.


Things didn’t stop there, however, as Pledis released another statement, reiterating that the accusations against Baekho are false and that they will be taking legal action.

They didn’t get into specifics, but they acknowledged the families know each other and that Baekho knows her. Other than that, it just explains that Baekho went to them when he was contacted about this, and they told him not to say anything. That explanation is not likely to help him in the court of public opinion, but legally it was likely smart to advise him against engaging.

Since Pledis are adamant that they’re taking this to court, and since this is a mess primarily due to the fact that everything is happening online, it probably would be prudent to just wait on what’s revealed in court at this point. Not the instant gratification/judgment most desire, but probably the smartest thing to do to see what else comes out.


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