Pledis will be filing criminal (not civil) charges against NU’EST’s Baekho’s alleged victim

Pledis Entertainment has already denied allegations against NU’EST‘s Baekho of molestation and have claimed all along they would be taking legal action. Well now they’ve followed through, and instead of the traditional civil charges, they will reportedly instead file for criminal charges.

Unlike the familiar charge of ‘spreading false information’ from civil court, Pledis will instead reportedly be pursuing the charge of ‘defamation’ in criminal court. The punishment for the alleged victim, should she be found guilty, could be a sentence of up to seven years in prison, 10 years probation, and a fine of up to $50,000.

The company, with the assistance of police investigation and prosecutor research, has to present evidence for a court decision that shows how the allegations that the defamatory allegations are falsehoods. If the results are that the facts stray from the truth only a little bit or are true with slight embellishments it will not be determined as falsehoods.

So basically, by doing this, the company is putting the burden of proof that the alleged victim lied all on themselves and have either made huge mistake or are supremely confident they can do just that.

We shall see.


Thanks to CaratClara for the translation help.


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