‘SMTM6’ hasn’t even started yet, and Tiger JK is already gloriously pooping on Mnet

When Tiger JK was announced as a producer for ‘Show Me The Money 6‘, I was rather surprised, mainly because of the sentiment towards rap reality show that he expressed to Asian Junkie previously.

Still, at the same time I was also excited, because if nothing else, I knew Tiger JK wouldn’t be afraid to say whatever the fuck was on his mind. Well, that has started prior to ‘SMTM6’ even starting, and he went in on the show itself and Mnet in a bit of an impromptu Q&A on Twitter.



This is gonna be fun.

Just, uh … don’t get fired, man.


Bonus exchange of him shitting on Yoon Mi Rae impersonators while also somehow taking the high road.


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