STELLAR opened a new site and there’s a puzzle and I … honestly, what is going on?

STELLAR came back recently with “Archangels Of The Sephiroth“, and it’s definitely an odd title, but I chalked it up to K-pop being K-pop and moved on. However, apparently it’s about a lot more than that, as STELLAR have a new site, and on that site there’s a … puzzle or game or something?

After hunting around for a bit, apparently this is an alternate reality game, and STELLAR fans have been tracking this stuff for over a week already.

So, uh, go play? This is kinda fascinating.


I’m still a bit confused by all this, honestly, but most importantly, I’m glad STELLAR’s agency is showing effort here and at least all that Makestar money has been going towards something.

Hell, even if you don’t care about that, they have pictures of them looking gorgeous on the site as well.


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