Hydrochloric acid threat made against TWICE, JYPE up security & set to take legal action

A threat of attacking TWICE with hydrochloric acid, presumably because they left Korea for Japan, was issued on Ilbe recently.

On July 2, the Ilbe user wrote a post, saying, “TWICE decided to abandon our country because they’re making so much money in Japan.” The user then uploaded photos of TWICE’s Japanese fans alongside the message, “Yeah sure, money’s great, money’s the best. You guys can abandon Korea but you better not return ever again. I’ll be waiting at the airport with 10 liters of hydrochloric acid [if you try to return].”

This comes after an Ilbe user had issued a death threat against Mina less than a month ago.

Given that it’s Ilbe, you want to believe it’s just them trolling again, but it’s hard to ever be too sure in today’s environment, honestly. That’s probably why JYP Entertainment issued a statement that they will increase security and will take legal action.

On June 3, the agency said, “We have arranged for security forces to be present when TWICE members return to Korea.” As for the Ilbe user, the agency stated, “We will verify the identity of the individual who wrote the post through that person’s IP address. Following that we will sue the individual and take firm legal action.”

Between this and A Pink‘s situation, one has to wonder if this will be part of an ongoing trend where desperate fans/antis just start issuing threats for attention.

Hopefully not, but it does feel worth it to not let these people off the hook if/when they do catch them.


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