Stan who threatened A Pink has moved on to making threats against Korean President

So I guess making threats against A Pink thrice didn’t satisfy this dipshit, as he now has moved on threatening to bomb a government building and shoot up the Blue House.

Reportedly, the calls are being made by a man in Canada, and his latest threat is against the Blue House, the executive office and official residence of the South Korean head of state. He’s currently being investigated for threatening to plant a bomb at the government building, and South Korean police have also asked for help from Interpol. According to reports, the man called the Seoul Police Station on June 26, expressing his discontent with the current South Korean President. He claimed he had bought two guns from Russia and wants to blast the Blue House.

This is … quite the escalation, no? Dude went from saltiness over A Pink going on fake dates to threatening to bomb government buildings and kill the Korean President.

I know there are still people out there who think A Pink’s company did this for media play or something, so uh, how do you explain this? Or is this just some next-level shit?

Anyway, what I’m not understanding exactly, is how they haven’t caught this dude yet. This now goes far beyond just threats against an idol group, so one would think they’d prioritize tracking him down.


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