Korean media bothered a vet for his opinion on the “controversy” with Sulli and her cat

Hey, remember that “controversial” story about Sulli and her cat that people pretended to be mad about? Well, apparently Sulli is relevant enough to have that issue taken up by a vet contacted by SBS‘s ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment.

After watching the controversial clip of Sulli biting her cat, veterinarian Cha Jin Won commented, “The cat does not look like he’s in pain.” The vet claimed the issue does not seem to be animal abuse as he explained, “The cat could’ve reacted violently or moved to another location. I think it’s an exaggeration to say that the cat is in pain.”

Watching the video, Cha Jin Won seems to be actively questioning the life choices that led him have to answer this dumbass question, but knows deep down that it’ll help his #Brand.

I do enjoy that this became a thing, though. If for no other reason than Korean netizens reacted to out of context screencaps, international netizens followed their lead, and when people tried to reason with them and posted the video for context in the comments, they refused to back down. Then literally about a few hours later, Korean netizens reacted to seeing the same video with all the context, and they agreed that this was all a fabricated controversy, and international netizens who were insistent didn’t have shit to say.

Twas wonderful.


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