Rumors about Tiffany’s status & no security for Taeyeon as SNSD contract drama goes on

Yesterday we covered a rumor that appeared to explain the odd SNSD promo schedule for their 10th anniversary, which could basically be summed up to say that it’s all a power play with SM Entertainment over SNSD’s contracts.

Well, that appears to have continued on to today with rumors emerging about Tiffany going to America to study acting.

A media outlet reported on August 17 that a source close to Tiffany had said, “Tiffany has recently decided on studying abroad in the United States and let her friends know. She wanted to study acting, and so those around her are supporting her decision.” Tiffany’s agency SM Entertainment stated on August 17, “We are discussing multiple things overall regarding Tiffany.” In regards to the report about Tiffany studying acting in the United States, the source from SM Entertainment simply said, “We are discussing.”

On the surface, the news looked bad in that at the very least it might indicate an extended hiatus for SNSD and at the very worst might indicate she’s preparing to exit the group. However, again, it’s probable that this is part of the contract stuff.

Wouldn’t surprise me. Korean agencies tend to do this to their groups, as we’ve just seen with T-ara and MBK Entertainment.

Though probably not doing any favors with SME is them leaving Taeyeon alone without security and being hurt.

Then again, knowing SME, it’s probably part of their whole ‘this is what you get for daring to negotiate’ ploy or something to that effect.

Either way, seems far from over.


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