[Event] AOORA (Trophy Cat) & Edward Avila surprise with a packed showcase at KCON LA

I’ve been a fan of AOORA since back in his Double A days, and I watched him grow into this daring artist who released an entire album’s worth of 19+ songs and videos that had the entire industry questioning his intentions. AOORA used sexually explicit visuals and lyrics that tantilized and teased, and it certainly drew attention. But when he completed the project, there was this silence that was nearly deafening. An almost lack of upfront sinfulness that was much needed in Korean music, a genre that generally likes to sexualize youth and then drag women who are sexy adults.

Well, he’s back now, and this time he’s partnered up with famous YouTuber Edward Avila (yeah, I was totally floored as well) and his old Double A Producer, Friday (who has the nicest legs I’ve ever seen) on a new project called Trophy Cat. After dropping multiple tracks, the last being “Body” (which did solidly on the charts), this new partnership in the industry was solidified.

Well, imagine my near panic when I saw a single post about Trophy Cat coming to KCON LA! I stared at my phone and screamed for a good two minutes, then sent DMs to everyone trying to get a lock on when and where it was happening so I could fit it into my work schedule. I prepared to be excited, even if the showcase room was nothing but Edward fans, because I wanted AOORA to feel the love. Mainly I felt like, amongst my friends, I was the only one who was his fan.


My friends and I rode the escalator up the second floor, Empanada hanging around my neck, when we turned the corner to the panel rooms. There was a line that started at the open area near the escalators and wrapped around the curves of the hallway. It ended at a door with three security guards. I walked up to the guards and smiled sweetly, asking, “Where are you guys having press stand?” One security guard reached out to a good looking Korean guy in all black and pulled him over. I explained I just needed to get a few shots and I would be on my way. He looked at me and looked at the huge line behind us before saying, “Okay, follow me.

We walked into a room and were greeted by a shocking scene (to me, at least): it was full and wall to wall with fans. WALL TO WALL! I felt like my heart would explode! Apparently I wasn’t the only one who underestimated their popularity. We walked up to a table in the front corner with a tiny sound setup and Friday sitting there, stoic and adorable. They spoke for a few moments and Friday looked at me. I started to shake. I smiled nervously and he smiled back. He looked at my badge, then my friend and I, and said, “Welcome.” I. DIED.

We set up on one side of the stage as fans continued to wander in. Soon the room was at capacity and I was surrounded by fans. Little did I know that AOORA was standing three feet from me behind the screen I stood next to, waiting for his introduction.

Suddenly, music started and Edward stepped out with his sky blue hair and decidedly Korean style, and he began their hit song, “Stay.” He smiled and waved at fans before wandering over to the screen to coax AOORA to come out on stage. When he finally did, the entire room erupted in screams and cheers.

Afterward, they began their introductions. Edward laughed at the process of lipsyncing for showcases and started to immediately crack jokes. The crowd laughed along as he introduced AOORA, joking that he couldn’t understand him because AOORA doesn’t speak English. However, AOORA seemed to understand him fine as they talked and even made Friday introduce himself and stand up from his corner.

At that point they did the most unexpected thing … they performed “Because I’m Crazy,” the Double A debut hit. I DIED. Because when I say perform, I mean they did the full choreography, body rolls and all. I sat right in the front surrounded by screaming fans as AOORA sang and my brain melted out of my ears. Sweet Jesus, he’s beautiful with his apple cheeks and wicked smile.

When that was finished, they took questions and even hugged a few fans. Edward is demure and gentle, while AOORA is all about deep hugs and skinship. For example, AOORA wrapped one fan in his arms and shook her as she squealed with delight and shock. She walked back to her seat clutching her chest and I thought she would need the defibrillator at any minute.

And about the fans, they were just great and showed a ton of love. Fans cheered the duo on enthusiastically, screamed loudly, and laughed heartily, showing Trophy Cat exactly what LA has to offer them. At one point, one fan even showed them up! I don’t know what AOORA and Edward were expecting, but one fan stepped on stage and completely killed the “Because I’m Crazy” choreo so much that AOORA did the entire dance with her then ended with a hug and a grind!



Edward and AOORA then performed “Body” to close things out and made it quite clear as to why the song has done so damn well.

KCON LA 2017 was a mix of insanity and excitement. I was trampled by VIXX fans and trapped by Wanna One fans. I ate Taiwanese street chicken and inhaled Chilly Ribbons watermelon slushies. I worked Friday through Sunday, and on Monday I was still dreaming about AOORA and his damned body rolls. Let’s hope they come back! It was an amazing experience and a five-year-old personal fantasy come to life to see him live!

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