YMC threatens WANNA ONE stans with punishment on fancafe after latest behavior messes

At this point I’m honestly in awe of WANNA ONE stans. They’ve already generally been a gigantic mess, and again YMC Entertainment has basically had to threaten them on the fancafe to stop fucking up.

Their own company is cancelling photo ops cause fans can’t listen to direction, remind them not to throw gifts at the members, and scold them to not leave messes behind. They also say to stop stalking the members, to stop leaving unidentified packages in front of YMC’s building, and to stop taking picture and video when it’s not allowed.

Basically it’s a reminder to stop fucking up or there are gonna be consequences. Bet that’s gonna work.

In related news, WANNA ONE stans were caught trying to impersonate Weki Meki and Pristin stans.

This messy-ass fandom is like a content generator.


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