Subin ducks out of ‘The Unit’, Woohee & Serri of Dal Shabet to go instead

Subin of Dal Shabet being in ‘The Unit was what really piqued my interest, but she’s not actually going to do it due to “schedules”. However, Woohee and Serri from her group are going to do it, according to Happy Face Entertainment.

According to Dal Shabet’s agency Happy Face Entertainment, “Serri and Woo Hee will greet viewers through ‘The Unit.’ Subin, who had previously confirmed her appearance on the show, is unable to appear due to overseas schedules in Thailand and other countries.”

On one hand, it’s sort of a disappointment, because I had hoped that this brought more attention to Subin. However, she is in Thailand right now and what not, so hopefully she’s making money or whatever there instead. Woohee and Serri aren’t slouches either, so hopefully they have a good showing.


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