BTS nice enough to work with The Chainsmokers, who then make a racist Asian joke

Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers has participated on a song off BTS‘s upcoming mini-album, which was nice of BTS to allow him to do.

It has been announced that The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart took part in creating a song for BTS’s new mini album. Andrew Taggart and BTS’s rap line members both worked on their new song “Best of Me,” which is described as an EDM track that will be included on BTS’s mini album “Love Yourself 承 ‘Her.’”

Dunno what crime BTS committed recently, but the community service work of allowing Drew to create a blight on their discography was quite generous of them (everything except “Roses” sucks, don’t @ me).


So how did The Chainsmokers repay this? By making a racist Asian joke about not wanting to take his dog to China … lolololololol … GET IT?!


I mean, just about every Asian has heard variations of this joke before, and like most of these dumbass racist incidents, I can’t be too fucked about it. But my god it’s like The Chainsmokers try their best to be insufferable douches or something. It’s a talent.


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