Johnny & Associates issues warning to fans for shooting airguns at staff (and stalking)

Fans of groups from Johnny & Associates are crazy as basically the norm, so you know things have gotten out of hand when they issued a statement on their official site calling out fan behavior and threatening legal involvement. So what was over the line even for them? Uh, basically what amounts to stalking the idols, but also shooting the staff, apparently.

The following are examples of actual incidents that have occurred.
-Reserving seats on planes and bullet trains near artists and standing up to stare at them
-Loitering around the decks at the front and back of the bullet train cars the artists use and interfering with other passengers’ movements
-Continuing to take photos and videos of the artists
-Blocking artists’ paths
-Intentionally colliding or embracing the artists
-Repeatedly following artists while ignoring warnings from managers, officers, and JFC support staff
-Shooting airguns at staff
-Causing problems for other passengers boarding and disembarking transportation
-Tailing vehicles carrying the artists with unlicensed taxis, etc.

Most of that is generally typical insane fandom behavior, but what definitely stood out to me was the imagery in my head of these crazed people mounted on rooftops taking out staff members that get in their way to get to their fave as some kind of fantasy assassination or something.

I would DEFINITELY like more details on those encounters, but until then, I figure imagination is fair game.


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