TOP Media now suing L.Joe for damages, alleging breach of contract

Earlier this year, former TEEN TOP member L.Joe filed suit against TOP Media for blocking his solo activities (TOP Media’s side of things). While it seemed like they were going to come to an agreement at some point, that option has apparently crumbled as TOP Media is now suing L.Joe for damages stemming from the contract termination.

On September 15, a source from TOP Media stated, “It is true that we have recently filed a lawsuit against L.Joe at the Seoul Central District Court for damages from him breaching his exclusive contract.”

With regards to this case, I honestly have no idea what to make of it. Initially it sure seemed like TOP Media was being shady and manipulative in their responses to L.Joe’s announcement, but since then we haven’t gotten a ton of details. My inclination is still to take his side based on what we know, but what we know is admittedly limited at this point.


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